Fulanita de Tal opened on December 2004 directed by the Franco sisters, both with an extended experience in nightlife, communication, and public relations. During these ten years, Fulanita de Tal has become a national reference point for nightlife, fun and what started as a pub has now turned into a recognized brand for the GLTB community. Fulanita de Tal is located in the Chueca district of Madrid, party area, freedom and diversity. So-and-so is a frontier establishment both in location (C / Regueros, 9) as your audience where gay, lesbian and heterosexual merge into one space. Not only this rich diversity is the key for success, a big part of the success of Fulanita de Tal during these years is due to Lara Dj, the Musical Director of the club, and the team of Djs that join forces with us every week. The space is a small, tidy and colorful, divided into two stories. The front side of the club is a large window looking outwards and the staff has always been up beat and charming. Fulanita de Tal is also the center of diverse social, entertainment, and cultural activities. Sessions like Fulanita VIP Club, Fulanita & Friends, LesMadrid, or Fucking Lips Festival (FLF), and more, all of them ongoing, have been created by our brand Fulanita de Tal. We also organize sports activities like the Female Soccer 7 Championship, now on its 5th edition, the Spring Paddle Competition, and others. Fulanita de Tal is part of a huge social network with thousands of followers on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube Channels, Foursquare, and others. Opened during the 365 days of the year, there are various sessions that have become classics in the neighborhood nightlife, like the Pop Star Queen Karaoke or the Bollólogos del Fulanita, our special night for GLBT themed monologues. For the last seven years we have organized the Official Gay Pride Party LesMadrid (www.lesmadrid.es), which takes place on Gay Pride Day. We have even trespassed borders successfully celebrating LesMadrid in Berlin (Mermaids meets LesMadrid – Berlin 2010/2011).