Fulanita Vip Club

Fulanita Vip Club - Nueva Sala | Libertad 28 · Chueca (Madrid)

Fulanita VIP Club, our most innovative session was opened in November 2011 in Goya 43 For 2 years we’ve brought FULANITA VIP CLUB to Chueca, our new location is on Calle Pelayo 82 Madrid not stop dancing to the rhythm the best team of DJs in town: Fulanita DJ, Sofía Cristo, Chos Pincha, Laura Veyker, NoSoy DJ, Bacchalania, Nacho López,  Tlasti-k, and a host of guest DJs every night with amazing the best music. Not only that, we also have vocalists, violins, visual, percussion and a whole team of amazing entertainment each session on our stage. With 2 floors and 2 different musical environments FULANITA CLUB VIP is the best option to end your night in Chueca.

HOURS 1-6 am Saturday and Eve Holiday.

Calls list through our Facebook (Fulanita Vip Club)